Roberto Collina

Roberto Collina has been telling his story of Made in Italy excellence for over 60 years, thinking, creating and making all his knitwear-based collections in Italy. Today, more than ever, he celebrates the quality, design, product process and panache of his jumpers that have written and still write a significant part of Italian pret à porter history, creating a new frontier in Made in Italy style. With its true balance between tradition and modernity, Roberto Collina summarises its character in its collections, with experiments where the synergy leads to an idea of pure style in the lines, but which is sophisticated and complex in its actual realisation.

The beauty that guides the brand’s signature is a sophisticated, sensitive one that translates into an elegant stance, raising simplicity to a state of purity, Roberto Collina is not just a synonym of knitwear; it has also extended and perfected its range over the years, to meet the needs of an increasingly selective market. The company’s core business is and will continue to be knitwear (#wearknitwear), intended as a universe of new jumpers that are both original and high value, using the best raw materials and the most advanced production techniques to create a high quality product that is also of an innovative design.

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