More than fame and gory , being an icone come from aura first. Something that cannot be described, metaphysical beyong material. It is a women reconciled with the fact of “being à woman” precisely. There can be many icones. Farrah Fawcett. Kate Moss. Our mother. An attitude synthesized by the French lingerie brand Icone, who has made his models an intimate manifesto toward audacious women in an effortless quest.
Laucnehd in 2014 in Paris by designer Marion Toccacieli, Icone lingerie plays with the lines and enjoys deconstructing the traditional codes of lingerie. The idea ? sensual and comfortable items that celebrates the well being and that is worn like a second skin. A realm that combines skilled touched of transparents and fresh color … at a reasonable price without ever sacrificing quality and with well thought details. With out without wires, above all icone celebrates natural feminity, with bralettes and braziers and an organic cotton line.

Marion Toccacieli : the designer
After working in New York’s musical industry , Marion decided to drop everything and lauched her own brand. Back in Paris, lingerie was an obvious choice : “younger, my father was sales manager at a lingerie brand, I’ve always loved that environment”. Longing for comfortable , modern and affordable lingerie, icone lingerie was lauched in 2017. “Above all, icone disregards the clichés and does not consider women as objects” mentions the designer, whose lines are sprinkled with casual charm and hugs the curves and desires of women .

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